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A Dynamic Professional Network
of Translators and Interpreters

“A translator is forever assessing meanings: no scales are more sensitive than those used to weigh up synonyms. The intimate connection between an idea and a word is very clear in such correlations between human languages.”
(Free translation)

Victor Hugo, Les Traducteurs, Proses philosophiques de 1860-1865 [Translators, 1860-1865 Philosophical Essays], Review, Complete Works, Laffont, Bouquins Collection.

Translation is the art of building bridges of communication. APROTRAD is an association of translators and interpreters who can help you navigate from one shore, one culture, and one language to another, while you yourself stay focused on your core business. Its members exercise their activity independently, working in their own language pairs and fields of specialisation, which are highly varied, technically advanced, often obscure, and in demand. Translators are continually honing their skills and creativity to mirror your messages as closely as possible and to produce the desired impact on your target audience. Interpreters, for their part, are specialists in oral language services; they provide assistance during events such as international conferences and visits to companies.